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25 February 22

Somehow you managed to get on top of one very strange castle and now you have access to it's secret passages and dungeon cells. In these cells you will find hot looking and very horny ladies yet in order to have some kinky funtime with themyou will have to pay them with coin and in order to get this coin you will need to explore the labyrinth of secret passages first. Barely there is any need to tell that not every trapdoor leads to slutty hottie and sometimes there may be hidden less pleasant surprises behind them. Yet on the other sight it provides even more fun during exploration process because you never know for sure where exactly you will end up and what will happen! By the way all sex scenes are shown from first person perspective!

Succubus Tales Chap 2

25 February 22

The continuation of a story about one very interesting character who happens to be at the very same time the nun and the succubus. And since this is also a hentai themed adventure it is clear that the second part of her nature is supposed to prevail over the first one because her ultimate goal is to corrupt the entire town! How is she going to do that? By fucking each and every powerful (but not necessary) person she can! Ofcourse there will be some other thinsg to do in this boring place to make it more fun yet this is up to you to find out. Explore locations, meet characters, complete quests, upgrade your characteristics... and fuck as many people around as you can! Oh, and there are rumors about some powerful magic artifact hidden beneath the cityby the way!

Roller Coaster Sexy Ride

25 February 22

"Roller Coaster Sexy Ride" is the game that will test your reflexes while rewarding you with a great and exciting show! How does it work? Well, the main idea of the game is to keep the bottle with your drink straight while you will be having a crazy ride on a roller coaster! For that just click on the bottle whenever it will begin to fall down or to slide aside and you will put it back in the center of the screen. As for the exciting showpart then it will be provided not only with the crazy pov video of a ride on an actual roller coasterattraction but also with ourblonde model! And to be honest her sensual striptease performance will become more and more distracting with each new level so your ability of staying focused is going to be testedas well!

Booby Roofs

25 February 22

"Booby Roofs" is an adventurethat will be taking place in a big modern city. You will be travelling through the streets in search for different fun and exicting activities which can be divided into two main groups - to earn money and to spend money. As for earning money then you can start with visiting casino or to get involved into cryptocurrency themed business if you have an idea about how it works. As for spending money then ofcourse you will be spending them all on hot ladies! Strptease shows, private shows and more - the main criteria is to have enough money in your virtual pockets! Oh, and one more important thing - watch out the cars on the streets because like in any other modern citythe medical treatment here is going to cost you a lot!


25 February 22

In this variation of "JackPool" you are once again going to play unimaginable mix of two different gameswhile enjoying quite exciting lesbian show in the background! The games that we are talking about this time will be billiard and blackjack. There will be no pockets on the playing tablewhile all the balls will be having different numbers written on themand each time the balls will collide they will merge and the result will be the sum of their numbers. Now to the hard part: your task is to merge only those balls that will allow you to get 21 points exactly - mo moreand no less- because only then you will get on the next level and unlock even more exciting segment of the already mentioned lesbian performance! Luckily there is no rush and you could take some time to enjoy the show.

Wifey Wanna Baby

25 February 22

There is a married couple who are planing to have a baby yet the husband's sexual fetish is making it a big problem - this guy named Geroge is getting excited only when watching at his wifey getting fucked by someone else's big and hard cock! And yes, this will be your chance to make a good thing and to help this family to get what they wantby... by fucking the wifey ofcourse! But not everything will be so simple and during this story you will need to make a set of choices and decisions and you never know how exactly it will end. Yet we really hope that you want to figure it out! Now meet Geroge, then get to his place and meet his wifeand... well, and then act depending on the upcoming situations! The game is not very long so probably you may want to replay it with alternative choices.


25 February 22

"Sandwich128" is a logic game where your task will sound simple enough yet in order to win the game you will have to put some efforts into it. First lets talk about the rules- your main task will be to merge two plates from different layersbut with the same numbers when they wll happen to beone on top of another and ofcourse you should be quick enoughnot only to notice this but also to click on them before their positions will be randomly changed. The merging will double the number and at the same time the highest numebr will be reflecting your progress. Yet that is not all challneges because there will be an additional one - you will need to stay focused on the game while watching hot looking chick stripping down and having sex with two big guys at once! Got it? Sandwich!

Theatre Tricks

25 February 22

Tonight at our theatre you will be taking parts innot one but two entertainments at once. First of them will be glorious striptease show on the main stage (performed in front of huge crowd of spectators!) and the other one is a simple but fun card themed minigame. Obviously they will be connected so the more rounds of thecard game you will win the less clothes our strippergirl will be wearing! The game itself is about covering the cards of your opponenttrying to get more points at the end of the round to win it. The gameplay is not hard at all yet at the same time it will be definied partly by your luck and partly by your strategy so don't expect it to be some 'click-to-win'. Oh, and don't be in a rush of playing it and take thr time to enjoy the show!


25 February 22

"JackPool-8" is a new game from mixed gameplay seriesand today it will be about playing both billiard game and blackjack game at the same time. And ofcourse there will be an erotic part - today you are going to witness quite exciting lesbian show starring two gorgeous models! But for that you will need to win a few rounds of the game first which actually won't be so simple to do: the main idea of the gameplay is to keep on the billiard table only those numbered balls which in sum will give you 21 points. You are supposed to achieve that by sending balls into pockets which will replace them with other ball with different number so you should plan which balls andinto which pockets you should send depending on current situation. Good luck!

Mosaic Pussies

25 February 22

"Mosaic Pussies" is an erotic videopuzzle in which the rules will be slightly different from the classic type of jigsaw puzzles. First of all, as we already mentioned this is videopuzzle which means that instead of static pictures you will see short but quite exciting videoclip! This clip will be divided into many square pieces which will be constantly moving in certain pattern and your task will be not to put any pieces into their proper places but to figure out which pieces are not moving at all- find all five of them and simply click on themand once you will do that the level will be solved! But ofcours before getting to the next round you should take some time and to enjoy the already unlcoked videoclip without any distrcations.

The Goblin's Brides

25 February 22

"The Goblin's Bride" is a fantasy themed visual novel with great looking CG artstyle, interesting story, sexy characters (well, may be except the goblin dude) and one of those still rare cases when you are playing as the main heroine! Yes, you will be playing as another one hot looking lady who is about to become the bride of old perverted goblin and you won't be the first - he is building hisown fantasy haremor something... which means that you have some companions in misery! Now you need to unite your actions and to set in motion the plan that will allow you to escape from this old fucker yet before it will happen you will have to serve him well. And yes, it means that there will be sex scenes between goblin and elves if this is what you are looking for.

Rock Paper Scissors 3

25 February 22

"Rock Paper Scissors 3" is pretty much the same well known game only this version has a sexy spicy twist in it- it will be a striptease version! The thing is your virtual blonde girlfriend got bored and had no better idea than to play this game with youon a very special conditions: if you will happen to win three timesthen she will strip down and may be even let you to do some things that she has never allowed you to dowith her before.... but if she will happen to win three times then she will be having fun with you in the way that she has wanted for a very long time! And before you will take such risks we should warn you that she is really good in this game and it will be quite hard (yet still possible!) to win her. Now it is up to you to hit the start button or not.

Steal Jack 3Some

25 February 22

"Steal Jack 3Some" is one of theose games that actually reveals main features in the very title so lets just take a closer look at these words. But lets begin with the tail part and there will be word 'threesome' which clearly tells that this game you will be playing against not one but two virtual opponents - one hot brunetteand one hot blonde! Thepart about 'jack' is about the genre of this game which is obviouly the card game of blackjack. But only the thrid word - 'steal' - actually reveals the main difference between this game andall the other games because when the cards will be dealt you will see what exactly card goes to what player and you can switch them with yours if you will be fast enough! So if you lack of any luck then you can compensate it with quick thinking!

CreamBee s Banging Show

25 February 22

In this short but definitely quite fun hentai parody from CreamBee you are welcomed as an honorable guest of the very special show - you will be given the opportunity to see the danceperformance of a genie! Well, half-genie and half-herowhom you may also know simply as Shantae! This slim bodied and purple haired hottie will be entertaining the crowd with the movements of her hipswell enough yet you can make this entire show even more exciting - just throw few green gems on the stageand Shantae will begin to strip down in front of the audience! Keep on throwing those gemsand soon you will not only make her to strip down completely butyou will also make her horny enough to have anal sex with you! And yes - futanari mode is also available!

Silver Dollar Pussy-4

25 February 22

Even though the main idea of this arcade minigame is simple it will still requirefrom you concentration, accuracy and quick reflexes if you want to see our beautiful brunette modelgetting naked for you. This is the main reason why you are here? Well, then here are few more important moments that you should know about: in the flow of golden and silver coinsyou should push the golden coins so theycould cover the silver coins but be sure that your golden coin has more value becaues only in this case the sum of two coins will be added to yourscore count (otherwise your scores will be reduced) and in order to get on the next round of the gameand the next level of striptease show you need to collect 50 pointsand pay them to the dancer. Good luck!


25 February 22

"DistinguisHer" is an erotic themed game in which your main task will be to guess how the dancing girl looks like when she is dressed up! That's right - it won't be too long before you will see hot naked dancer performing her seducing moves yet you will be seeing only her bodyand not her facewhile around the 'main screen' there will beportrayed ten (!) different ladies who are dressed up and obviously you need to pick the one that you think is performing on the main stageright now. If you will guess correctly then you will not only get points but also see the entire performance without any secrets! If you will not guess correctly then... well, then just to guessone more timebecause this game is about pleasures and notabout punishments! Enjoy!


25 February 22

At first this arcade minigame may seem to be a simple variation of an aerohockey or something like that and actually such guessing won't be too far away from the truth except for two quite important details. First of all your movements will be actually mirrored (or invereted) so you will have to spend some time on practising before you will get to the part when you achieve more points than your virtual opponent. And this is where we get to the second detail - each time when you will get more points than your opponent at the end of the round you will get on the next level which will mean that the sexy blonde girl dancing in the background will be doing it less and less dressed! Want to see her completely naked? Then waste no more time and start playing!

Two of a Kind

25 February 22

As you have probably already guessed after reading the title this erotic minigame will be somehow connected with the card games but it won't be any usual poker. Your main task during each roundof this game will be to look closely at all the already opened cardsand then to pick a vertical row which by your opinion would form the strongest combination of all accroding to poker rules. Then your opponent will do the same and the one who has picked the better combination willobviously win the round! And for each win you will be getting quite exicting rewards - you will unlock more and more exciting segments of the lesbian themed video show in which our beautiful blonde models will be strippingdown, teasing and pleasing each other!

Melina DD Dash Run

25 February 22

Main character of this story is the girl named Melina who has threequite important qualities in the scale of our story - she has awesome bodycurves, she is into having parties with guys and gals... and she will stop at nothing to bring her bodycurves to such parties! So when her friend Veronica has told her about the crazy party planned at the old castleeven the fact that the path is going through the dangeorus desert and dark forest would not stop Melina from getting there! But before you will accompany her in this run and jump arcadedon't forget to set the proper appearance for Melina by trying different hairstyles and clothes! Also remeber that the longer youwill hold the spacebarbutton the longer will be the distance of Melina's jump.

Rapunzel v1.1

25 February 22

In this parody minigame about long (very very long!) haired blonde girl named Rapunzel you are once again going to meet some of your favoritr charactersyet overall the story will be a little bit different from the popular cartoon "Tangled". Rapunzel has finally reached her legal age and she is eager to get outside yet her mother Gothel will let her out only if she will answer all the question of the quiz! And as you have probably already guessed this quiz will be up to you to solve. Most of these questions will be connected with the fairytale about Rapunzel in one or another way. But the most fun part will begin after you will handle the quiz task - this is when the genre of this parody minigame will be changed into hentai parody minigame!

Luna in the Tavern ep 4

25 February 22

If you thought that there was only three episodes about Luna's exciting adventures at the local tavernthen we have a big surprise for you- there is actually one more chapter is added to the story! In this episode Luna will be getting in quite usual type of troubles yet she will be doing it in a company of two sistersnamed Lina and Rylai! They are both sorceresses yet belong to different schools of magic - fire and ice - and since they are sisters then the rivalry between their skills isalready in their blood! So during this adventure you will need to help Luna to decide who is better while at the very same time chasing your own goals - to have some kinky funtime! Sex, humor and quests - this is the cocktail that you will get in our tavern tonight!


25 February 22

"JackHer-Duo" is a striptease blackjack game which nonetheless has few interesting differences from the classic card games that you have probably played many times before. In this gameyou and your virtual opponent will both get by four cardsafter which all the remaining cards will be separated into four mini-decks with an opened top card. Your goal is obvious - you need to collect the sum of points equal to 21. But if you will get more pointsthen you won't loose - just wait for your turn and remove the card that is too much for the count and exchange it with one of the opened cards by your choice! As you can see this type of gameplay is more depending on planning than on luck so we hope that you will strip down our blonde nodel soon enough!

Sexy Redhead in RoPaS Castle

25 February 22

Tonightyou are going to have some kinky funtime with redhead slut named Ella but first you will need to not oly find the proper room in the corridors of the maze-like old castlebut also to solve quest of getting access to this room! The quest will be based on the classic rock-paper-scissors minigame but in order to solve it you will have to find all the proper items first and only then you will get requried key. The exploration of rooms and corridors will be happening from first person perspective yet thanks to the map it should not be too much of a problem. Also you will see a lot of other objects here and there but you should not focus your attention on them - they are here only for distraction. Now solve the puzzle and join the party with Ella!

Strip Street Show 3

25 February 22

In the third game we will have some things in the old ways and some things in the new ways. What is about to stay the same is the street crowded with people who was attracted by the very unusual performance of hot looking blonde who has always wanted to strip down in the middle of a daywith a whole bunch of spectators around! What is new is the minigame that you will need to win several rounds of to make her dreams of public striptease to beocme true. In this minigame you will need to catch the balls into the basketbut not just any of them - the thing is all the balls will be marked as playing cardsand you will need to catch only those of them that will allow you to cover the card which you will see in the left upper corner of thegame screen. Good luck!