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2 April 21

This interesting and interactive romp game will appeal to those who love to fuck young and busty slaves. So you are the owner of a beautiful slave. She lives in your basement. For her, there is a carpet to sleep and a bucket to do the cleaning. To interact with the slave, click on it with the mouse. Then the action selection window will open. For example, you can order a slave to call you Dad or Master or something else. Then you can choose clothes for the slave. Also, you can fuck a slave in her tight honeypot and round culo. Enjoy how a fat dick rips her labia in half. Do not forget to follow the indicator of health and sleep. Slave need to sleep. So if you're ready to have fun with a busty slave, then do it right now.

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Ko wrote: 25 February 22

Good game

Ryu wrote: 21 February 22

How do I heal her

3232738372 wrote: 27 August 21

How can I buy a cloth for her?

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