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Korra bondage rape – Porn Bastards

3 May 21

In this interactive flash game you will see how beautiful and big-boobed Avatar Korra learns fucky-fucky magic. She decides to get a serving of hot sperm and learn BDSM style. So look at the game screen. You see that the Avatar of Korra is chained to the wall. Her big fun bags get your attention. Let's start by unclothing Avatar Korra. To do this, click on her clothes. Once the Avatar of Korra is entirely naked, you can proceed with the punishment. For starters, you will whip Avatar Korra on her big peaches. After that, you can fuck Avatar Korra in her tastey and pink cunt with your fat cock. Ignore her screams and groans - just fuck her again and again. So if you want to do this, then let's start the game immediately.

Avatar Manga porn – Toph anal sex

7 May 21

Avatar Aang fucks the Earth magician whose name is Toph. She loves anal fucky-fucky very much and is always ready to have nasty fuck-fest. After training, pretty doll Toph offers Aang to have fuck-fest and, after a couple of minutes, Avatar Aang rudely and hard fucks sexy Toph in her tight butt. Busty magician Toph groans from the pleasure and pain, when a fat dick rips her tight butt in half. But she gets sexual pleasure from it. At the bottom left of the game screen you will see a control panel. Click on the menu items to change the fucky-fucky scene. Fuck huge-chested and dirty whore Toph again and again until she reaches a multiple orgasm. Enjoy her gorgeous and tight bum right now.

Make Me Yours!

27 May 22

In this gameyou will find avatars made using this design. Choose the avatar you like the most andyou can copy it using the "Copy" button at the top of the page. You can also upload your own avatar by clicking the upload button at the bottom of the page. And then this avatar will go on a sexual adventure. Avatar activation is instantaneous.

Fucking Tylee Sex Simulator

15 September 22

In this minigameyou will get the opportunity to feel yourself in avatar Aang's place during one of the most exciting event of all of his adventures - the moment when he finally got to fuck Ty Lee on the beach! The scene is simple but thanks to various customization settings and minigame elements it is fun to playeven if you never been a fan of "The Last Airbender" series!

Ty Lee - Fun in the Sun

12 April 18

Ty Lee isn't one among the most characters, however still a loyal lover. And if you likeable her, you will positively like this hentai parody, as a result of in it, Ty Lee can finally get some sunshine within the place! The story can happen, and that is most likely the only issue you will grasp, as a result of right once you hit the "Start" button, the fucking can begin! you'll simply love the superbly rendered animation, otherwise you will check the settings and check out completely different settings to create this shag-a-thon on the beach scene pretty much as good as attainable. you'll produce Ty Lee to like anal and duct fucking, and after you decide it is time, you'll choose from internal or external sex shots! Let's get the game started.

The Last Cockbender

10 May 18

Even though Aang was on his own trip to be the Avatar and learn all his elemental skills, he had been approached by Princess Azula. The early technique of beef whistle bending was that his sole hope to win this battle.

Instructing With Korra

31 May 18

Korra was in the middle of her usual training when asami interrupted her. It seems that Asami has finally achieved a breakthrough with one of her latest inventions and now she really needs for Korra's help to test it. By the way, this invention we are talking about is nothing else but"watrebending salami"! Overall this is one really well drawn and colorful hentai parody which will bring your fave characters into situations you wil never see in the official TV series. And even more - the fact that you can control main actions of mentioned characters will make you to feel even more involved into process than if you were just watching the simple animation instead. And ofcoruse don't forget that we have more hentai parodies on our website!

Katara Sex

13 June 18

Avatar Aang and his girlfriend-a water mage named Katara finished training. Now it's time to unwind a little and have wild fucky-fucky. Avatar Aang approaches Katara and begins to undress her. Mm. Katara has a beautiful body and sweet peaches. Avatar Aang kisses Katara on the lips and his arm massages her nipples. Then Katara lies on her back and spreads her legs. Avatar Aang takes out his thick beef whistle and starts fucking Katara in the crotch.on the Left side of the screen there is a control panel. Use your mouse to interact with the panel and switch interactive lovemaking scenes. Enjoy how Avatar Aang Fucks fleshy Katara in her tight cherry bringing the damsel to a vaginal climax. And then Avatar Aang cums jism on Katara's face. So let's start the fun right now.

Porn Bastards: Korra [v 1.3]

25 June 18

The famous - and we could even call ehr legendary- avatar Korra is about to take part in one of her most exicting adventures... but barely does she know that this excitement is supposed to be sexualand this already mentioned adventure is actually nothing more but another one episode of hentai parody series which you know as "Porn Bastards"! A little bit of a story, a little bit of dialogs and a lot of sex scenes during which you wil get the chance to customize main heroine and her partner by your own desire! The sex scenes migth seem to be rough sometimes but barely this will be enough to break such powerful avatar as Korra... and besides that who knows - may be she even will like to get fucked by some real big cock in a hardcore way after tonight!

Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody

24 June 19

This interactive 3D game will tell you a noteworthy story. The Avatar of Korra attended the assembly of the mages, but was handed over from the indigenous governor that serves the sequence of fireplace. Corra was put over the course of a metallic coffin. Presently your mission is to help Korra throw off captivity. To try it, you have to do diverse deeds. However remember. You will be in a position to solely perform a pair of activities per day. The 1st evening comes and thus the governor opens the coffin. Select deeds. Should you determine to AN unsuccessful action, then the game is finished. So be target-hunting by matters. On the primary day, it's ideal to talk to the Senate and also perform some strength training. The extra times you pay inside the coffin, the more extra you will learn attention-grabbing items. Korra will then tempt the Governor having a deep gulp of DT and escape. And thus the travel starts.

Katara Revamped

14 July 22

Simple but fun minigame which has one clear purpose - to let you to virtually fuck cartoon hottie who this time will be non other than Katara from "Avatar: The last airbender" series! Besides enjoying all the action from first perosn perspective you will also get a number of options to customize the scene. Try to find the most sexy looks for Katara according to your own tastes!

Void Club Avatar

27 April 21

Accompanied by your sexy half-slavegirl and half-friend Sylvia you continue your journey through the worlds of"Void Club" and today you are going to visit the world of Avatars - the magical region where the mages of four basic elements live, love and fight. Would you like to bring something in this world and meet the most popular and sexy characters of it? Then this is your chance! Follow the story, make choices at the key points of it and ofcourse take part in minigames - and all that to get access to the most sweet looking bodies of the local heorines! This is already twelve chapter in the series which means you have missed quite a lot of awesome adventures if you happened to join us just now yet you still can look for all the previous (and following) gigs on our website.