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There's a lot of Choice Porn Games to choose from, even if I just stick to the hump games with higher ratings. My choices are Top Rated, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Dress-Up, and Cartoon. I have never been one for watching animated or 3D CGI chicks gettingfucked by animated or 3D CGI dicks. This is the same reason I never got into Choice Porn Games... it's too far from the real thing for my tastes. If you watch anime then you probably already have a need for jerking off on a daily basis due to a lack of human interaction and general fulfillment in your life. Lucky for you, this website can provide something close to that thanks to the wide array of Hentai-based interactive Choice Porn Games it has available -- these Choice Porn Games allow you to play dress-up, or win the affection and eventually fuck several different babes from all kinds of animes. There are over 5000 Choice Porn Games on here which feature anime babes from all kinds of animes, regardless if they're old or new.

Elsa x Fap Frost: Don't let it go

4 May 21

Disney Princess Elsa and folklore character Jack Frost have something in common - they both can control the cold and considered asthe masters of winter (sort of). And ofcourse such interesting coincedence just could not have gone unnoticed especially since they both are having certain troubles with finding themselves a second halfs due to their uniquie yet at the same time dangeorus gift. Yet fear no more because in this interactive storyyour favorite characters will finally get the chance to become happy and to fuck a lot... but only if you will be making proper choices through it because this hentai parody is made in quite popular genre of visual novel. So waste no more time andlets find out how hot the winter actually can be!

College Life Part 1

4 May 21

College life for main heroe sof thsi game Pierre and Sonia has begun. Yet your main goal will be not to visit all the lectures from the schedule or pass all the exams in time - your main goal will be to make these two to make love with each other! And to do that you will have to live trhough one day as Pierre... and as Sonia! Thats' right - you will have to control two characters over the same day! Just keep noticed when you will be making all those decisions that these two are meant to be together so don't mess everything up even for one of them... especially if you want to unlock all the possible ending lovemaking scenes! And even more games about horny students and their ultra-kinky teachers having all kinds of funtimes you can always find on our website! Enjoy!

Together Again V0.1.3

6 May 21

Even though this game is supposed to be an entertainment for all hentai themed visual novels admirers among you it is still going to involve some serious themes. For example the game begins with you saving the woman and from now on it is up to you to care of her. The problem is that she requires quite special treatment through which you are supposed to break her boundries and earn her trust little by little. Give her a task for the day and see how she will handle it but if you will make a mistake and push too hard then this will not help her but will make things between you two even worse. On the other side if you will figure out the proper approach then your efforts will be rewarded with a lot of kinky and sometimes even bdsm related hentai content!

Chloe Vacation

6 May 21

Chloe is one in every of those students whose name does not work alright for her, therefore to pay this summer as a true vacation, she plans to travel somewhere wherever nobody is aware of her. And it appears that luck is along with her during this new endeavor, once one in every of her friends provides her the thought to go to her relatives in some quiet city in Europe! However what's this name that we have a tendency to talked concerning earlier? Well, Chloe likes to fuck quite an heap, and one thing tells US that even in her new place of residence, she's going to presently earn an equivalent name. The sole question is what number distinctive characters can she get an opportunity to fuck before she gets into real hassle. By the way, it'll rely on you and also the selections you'll build throughout the story.

Christmas Surprises

7 May 21

At Christmas, one dude went to the gallery to look at the paintings and drink wine. But he spilled wine on his shirt. Dude went into the toilet and took off his shirt to wash it. From behind the toilet door, another dude is spying on this case. What does he need. Dude begins to flirt with the protagonist. He is gay. But our hero does not want to talk. Suddenly, a guard appears in the toilet. He locks the gay in the toilet. And then begins to suck his beefstick. Turns out the guard is also gay. Now the protagonist is in an awkward situation. Two homos enjoy sex, and he stands against the wall and looks at it. What should he do. You must help the protagonist make the right choice. To do this, use hints and actions that will lead to some kind of result. Try to find a way out of this intimate situation.

Steal the Panties

11 May 21

Despite the very hentai-ish title -"Steal the panties" - this game is actually more complex than you migth think at first. It's genre is closer to jRPG games with big world with multiple locations to explore, different characters to meet, many quests to complete. And don't worry - you will get your chance to steal someone's panties sooner or later. As it was said this game is story oriented so it might some time for you to play it that is why it has save-load system. And try not to skipp all the dilaogs you ar egoing to have if you want not only to enjoy mems and jokes but at leats to understand where you can go next and what you can do there. Also if you will enjoy the game you can support the author and to visit our website for more hentai games like this one!

Al Subeki

12 May 21

This is pretty old and a little bit old style game yet if you enjoy drawn stories such as manga (and especially hentai manga) then there is pretty significant chance that you will like it. And one of the reasons for that is the main character who is also into manga and it was enough for him to get a job as manga artist at the local studio. There he will meet otehr different charcters and will understand that not everything in this world works as he was picturing it... but lets be honest - some things will work here even better than his expectations when it will come to interactions with sexy females so as you will see there will be alot of interesting and exciting situations for the player aka the reader as well (only this manga is made in interactive format)!

Mom's Halloween Special

14 May 21

Fairy-tale Halloween. Busty dark haired decides to give a gift to her youngest son. It's dark in the room. Candles are burning. Suddenly, the light comes on. Wow. Busty mother sits on a fat penis and gets sexual pleasure. To fuck this huge-chested bitch you have to click on the mouse button. Depending on the speed of pressing, the rate of sexual movements will change. After a long and depraved fucky-fucky, you have to jizz inside her pretty tight pink slit with your sticky and hot baby batter. Fuck this huge-chested mother again and again because in Halloween happen miracles and debauchery.

Illuminati - The Game

15 May 21

You may believe it or you may not believe itbut inthe world of this gamethe society that secretly contorls the worldand which is called as Illuminati actually exists! How do you know that? Quite simple actually - your father is one of the top members of this secret society! And as you have probably been expected you are supposed to get the place as an Illuminati as well but you should know that you won

Martha Screwfart fucking

16 May 21

Charlie! This huge-boobed beauty is ready to arrange a lovemaking orgy in the kitchen. So, all you have to do is answer the question: are you ready to fall in love with a fun and sexy demonstrate with two really hot ash-blonde chicks? And if the answer is Yes, become a spectator of a rather specific culinary demonstration, where guests still eat not only delicious food. You'll see a dude fucking Charlie in her pink poon. Then the blonde makes a throat blowjob. And it's time for anal drilling. And this is just the beginning of the cooking demonstrate. You will see set lovemaking and succulent girl/girl scenes. Use the mouse to interact with the game. At any time, you can go back to picking a lovemaking action, so you will see all the depraved lovemaking. Let's start the game right now.

Summoners Quest Ch.5

20 May 21

Medieval sex story continues. This game is more about reading and fantasy, because there's only few sex scenes. Compete against some sexy muscular girl in arm-wrestling and fuck her after that.

Dream Job Week 2 Episode 1

22 May 21

Interactive game with real folks. No matter you are doing, whether or not it is a fantastic job or not, you continue to have to be compelled to see it each day. Similar to you'll have to be compelled to continue lovin’ this game once you have got started it, many vignettes. Of course, if you prefer to play hot and real sensual models. Consequently, the story continues, and currently you have got a new task from the boss - the smoke detector in Emma's area has been ringing too typically latterly. So, nowadays you'll have to be compelled to move there, ascertain the explanation and fix the matter once doable. However, there'll be no surprise, because the name of the game gave it away - Emma smokes in her room. Try and consult with her a way or another by selecting the proper speech communication possibility. Create the incorrect alternative and you would possibly get dismissed - in any case, life looks unfair even in sensual video games. Let's begin the game without delay.

The Bungler and the Witch

9 July 21

If you are willing to move to some other time and space to the far away land where magic is possible then you are welcomed to do this in this very game! And since this adventure is supposed to bean erotic themed then don't be surprised how sexy looking the local witch is! By the way you are looking for her so she could help you with a small issue that you have lately in relations with women. Getting a little bit forward if you will build the dialog properly enough then this witch will not only make a magic potion for you but also provide you with a very certain bonus... Thechoices of actions and words you will be usually making from two or three options yet they might change how the story will go further completely so pay attention to that.

Sexy Witch 3 Hot Meal

29 August 21

Just like in previous parts of this game series you will begin your quest with picking one of three seem to be useless at the moment objects after which you will get into medieval town. Breakfast is the very important meal during the day so visiting the local tavern is the firts thing you are going to do... and this is when your adventure will get really exciting! At this tavern you will meet a hot looking brunette who claimsherself to be a witch yet she clearly udesrtands that she is not the most powerful of them and even has some problems with using her magic gift lately. Word by word you two will get close enough to play the game of riddlesbut the prize for the winnerin this game will be something way more interesting than mere money...

The Repurposing Center

27 September 21

Even though this is supposed to be a hentai themed gameit actually sets quite interesting, important and sometimes even tough questions. And yes, you will have to read a lot because this is a text-based adventure with multiple choices and consequences. Are you totally okay with all of that? Then you can begin your in-game path from... being captured and sended to the repurposing center! Here you will be treated in many different waysin order to make you an ideal personaccording to someone else's opinion. Will you answer these requirments in the end of the journeyor will you somehow find the way to stay yourself? Probably this is the most important question that you will have to find an answer for. And to enjoying some sexual content ofcourse.

Horizon Of Passion 0.9

15 October 21

The life of main character of this story was not always fun and hapy especially since his father have left them alone with sister and mom. But may be moving to the new peaceful and quiet town should give this small family a new start and they will finally live nice and happy again? Well, this is a visual novel so pretty much the outcome of the story will depend on the choices and decisions that you will make during the playthrough. So do everything you can to get some new friends and to understand who is in the new school is actually good to you and who is just planning to use you in their own purposes. Oh, and always keep an eye on hot milfsbecause as you understand this game is being posted on hentai themed websites only for a quite good reasons!

Fornicate with Nancy

10 November 21

In this gameyou wil be following the adventures of beautiful Nancy and some stranger guy with whom Nancy is planning to have sex... but you will see it only if you will be smart enough to guess the correct answers! How it works: from time to time there will be questionsappear on the screen on how the situation could go next but be careful because only one of three options will let youto continue the storywhile two others will end up in game over screen. Every time you will answer correctlyyou will see the next segment of the story (which is obviously will get only hotter and hotter). If youwill happen to pick the wrong answer then you will have to start all over again and here is where your memory skills will be quite handy to not make the same mistake twice.

Double Home Work Episode 4

13 November 21

According to the main stroyline of this visual novel series you was lucky to grow up together with two hot looking redheads. Now you all got older which obviously provides you with new ways of developing your furthrr relations as well as the surroundings will put them under the testing again and again. And we are not talking only about the circumstances - the people arond you will not always be your friends also! But lets hope that you will be able to make the right choices and even if yo won't then at least you will face the consequences well enough. And ofcourse it is recommended to play this series starting with the very first episodeor you just will not understand who all these characters are and what drives and motivates them.

Dominate Them TRIVIA

9 December 21

In this visual novel you will be playing as Ethan - the guy who has made the domination over hot chicks his persoanl goal in life. Ofcourse it will not be posisble to fuck each and every hot chick around yet you can be sure that this guy will be trying and that he will get more than one sexual partner during this exciting adventure for sure! Hotand still sexy milfs, cute but naughty teens, famous or shy - they will all be craving for Ethan's big and hard cock... if you will be making the right choices. By the same reason we are not going to tell how the story will go next because it will also depend on yourself but you can be sure that there will be a lot of nudity, sex scenes and spicy relations ahead in this well drawn cg hentai visual novel! Have fun!

The Cumvent

18 January 22

You will begin this adventure as an ordinary guy who lives in a small villageyet who is ready for way bigger things. And when he gets the chance to leave this boring place he grabs this opportunity... even though he is headed to the monastery to serve as a janitor! The important thing here is that this monastery is a women monastery. Ofcourse such place has a lot of rules and restrictions that should not be broken yet on the other sight it will give the upcoming events way more excitmenet as well! So be careful, gather information, plan your actions and you will not only get the chance to get closer with some sweet nunsbut may be even escape any serious punishment for that! Game is made in visual novel genre with nicely doen cg graphic style.

Sexy Witch 6: Pinecones for Zhanna

19 January 22

Once again you will become the main character of the storywhich takes place in a quiet and boring village in the middle of nowhere. One of the very few bright moments in the life of this whole village is the celebration of xmas time yet even this simple joy is under the threat because someone has ripped the pine tree from the village square! For you this looks like another one way to add a little bit of adventures in your life and ofcourse you volunteer to find the new tree. Or may be you have agreed for this quest because there will be a whole group of quite grateful and at the same time quite beautiful ladies? Anyway, make the series of proper choices and you might get your xmas presents sooner than anyone else! Also check other chapters from this series on our website!

Luna in the Tavern ep 4

19 February 22

During three previous episodes (which you definitely should play on our wbesite before starting this one) our main heroine named Luna has meet a lot of different characters yet never she has meet two hot looking sisters who not only have quite impressive magical skills but also eager to find out whose skills are better! Also there will be some sneaky shorty involved but these are the details of the story which you will be much more interested to discover by yourself. As for the main gameplay scheme then it has stepped away from classic visual novel and now includes more elements from quests and even rpg so this time you will be exploring the tavern, finding interesting locations and useful items and even trying to build friendly relations with several characters at once!

Hot Wife Tara

17 March 22

Even though that Tara is still one hot looking lady being married for twelve years has obviously reduced the sexual attaactiveness between her and her husbandnamed Harry. Yet it doesn't mean tha they have stopped trying tobring the spark back into their relations and Tara's upcoming birthday will be a perfect chance to try something new - as a part of celebration Tara will go to the night club and Harry will join her a little bit later while pretending to be unfamiliar with her... Make your choices and build your way to one of several quite different endings!

The Genesis Order

5 April 22

Are you ready to become the detective who will make a risky attempt to solve one of the most mysterious cases that he has ever seen? The case that may cost him not only his career but his life as well? The case that will involve a lot of beautiful and sexy ladies? If the answer is still 'yes' then you are welcomed to mysterious and charming world of "The Genesis Order" right now!