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The Legend of LUST [8th update]

24 May 21

A new update and a brand-new minigame that is designed to show the kind of game you'll be able to enjoy if you take on the huge and complicated project known as "The Legend of Lust". It is an RPG-adventure with a fantasy theme about the demon known as Lust who is from the second circle of hell but with the goal of getting all other circles under his control and also. It is clear that this mission will bring him some companions, and many enemies. In addition to the non-linear story and interconnected system of quests there will be also turn-based battles with monsters and other demons... and, of course, there will be plenty of erotic and hentai scenes featuring tortured human souls as well as perverted demons and succubus!

Dessert Bakery 3D

16 May 23

Ever wished to check out the wolrd of Hyrule Kingdom (yes, the one from "The Legend of Zelda" series) from a very first person point of view? Well, yeah, there are most likely some mods that enables you to do such thing. So exactly how about one more point of view - the point of view to not only live with fantasy experience as well as satisfy different familiar as well as preferred characters however likewise to fuck them? By the method, you can change the gender of your character this time around!

My Corruption Story

10 June 23

This game is an interactive story of corruption told from the very first person point of view as well as shown on the screen of mobile phone! It will be regarding the person as well as the gal whose seem to be ideal connections are regarding to break down since the gal is not being 'adventurous 'enough when it comes to having sex. Yet she is not going to quit so simple - with the assistance from her more slutty sweetheart she will try to end up being a lot more sophisticated... yet exactly how far she will go is still as much as you: yes, you are playing as female character this time around!