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Unwrap Shifumi with Ellie

10 June 18

Do you like simple minigames and sweetsexy chicks? Then you will get along with our modelnamed Ellie for sure! She is in a playful mood tonight so if you want then you could join her so you two could play some striptease themed game... something like the game of 'shifumi' which you also might know as "rock-paper-scissors". The rules of this game are well known while the main idea of this game is simple - if you will win the round then Ellie will take off something of her clothes... and getting a little bit forward not that she will be wearing too many clothes already in the very beginning! So stripping her down completely isobviously just a matter of time so relax, have some fun and enjoy your winning in one of the most pleasing ways- the strip way!

Rock Paper Scissors 2021

11 May 21

Could you ever think that one day such simple game as"Rock Paper Scissors" will be actually having a story, a bunch of different characters and even striptease elements in it? Yet non the less this is exactly what you can expect from this adaptation which is made in the genre of visual novel and getting into classic rock-paper-scissor minigames whenever it will be the time to strip down some hottie. According to the story you are playing as a good student who has just finished an important project yet managed to lose the flashdrive with it and now in order to get it back he will have to get through the series of unbelieveable events! Yet how exactly the story will end and how many chicks you will manage to strip down till that moment is something that you will figure out only by playing the game!

Rock Paper Scissors 3

10 February 22

"Rock Paper Scissors 3" is pretty much the same well known game only this version has a sexy spicy twist in it- it will be a striptease version! The thing is your virtual blonde girlfriend got bored and had no better idea than to play this game with youon a very special conditions: if you will happen to win three timesthen she will strip down and may be even let you to do some things that she has never allowed you to dowith her before.... but if she will happen to win three times then she will be having fun with you in the way that she has wanted for a very long time! And before you will take such risks we should warn you that she is really good in this game and it will be quite hard (yet still possible!) to win her. Now it is up to you to hit the start button or not.