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Sexcity The Hot Teacher

21 June 21

Being caught cheating on a school test can lead you in a bind with certain consequences... however, notwhen such thing happens in Sex City! As we said that the guy tried to cheat on an important test, and was discovered by his teacher (extra sexually attractive teacher, we have to admit) and she forced him... to contact his father for an extremely serious discussion! This is the time when you, as the actor, take the stage and you'll be playing the your dad this time! Try to do all you can to end the conflict that is coming up and you want to achieve that, you need to seduce and get this teacher to fuck you, then... then seduce and Fuck her! Did you really think of anything else, considering this takes place in the city called Sex City?

Like A Man Possesed

4 May 22

Experience the excitement of playing with several characters in a game that awards players for their options. Begin on an experience where your decisions figure out the fate of the world around you. The game features several playable characters whose stories may influence one another as you engage with different NPCs. Each character is special as well as has their own private story arc in addition to a certain set of stats, skills, as well as capabilities. All characters have the exact same fundamental stats however can be personalized as well as established with special products, devices, as well as upgrades. Without any random aspects as well as very little stat administration, the game is created to provide non-stop action as well as benefit you for your options.

My Harem Saga

16 August 22

This simulator for harems will teach you how to lure girls to join the Harem. Remember that you are able to manipulate them using your mouse, offer them massages, and much more. You'll need to attract as many girls as you can to get them to become your wives. However, you must remember that if you woo one girl for too long, she could quit you in favor of a different guy. Make sure you are making the right choice

Katies Diary

20 October 22

In this gameyou will play as a female character named Katie who is trying to establish her career in the field of big finance. Her beautiful looks could help her tremendously or completely ruin her career based on how she'll be making use of her natural assets. Perhaps it is dependent on how you would use these assets as in the event that they were yours? Have fun and good luck!