Monster Ambassador V0 2 3

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Monster Ambassador: v0.2.3

26 June 19

Episode 2: Now with tentacles! Press 'Z' to skip through text quickly ----- We're always working on the next segment of Monster Ambassador to include new monsters & features. We want to know what you like, so leave a comment of what you want to see next. -------------------------------- Don't forget to check out our Patreon! You can vote on which monsters should be in the next update, view extra uncensored versions of monsters in-game, and receive cheat codes for gold & progress bonuses! -------------------------------- Update notes: • 2 new monsters! • New battle mechanic! Befriend monsters to discover your new power • Cheat codes are now available for patrons! • A new adventure area and an additional camp area: water themed + Fixed a bug that kept Tauros on-screen after befriending + Fixed several bugs causing text to cut off-screen + Further compression of game to decrease initial load time Patch notes: + Increased gold drop at start of game + Fixed a bug that said the wrong gendered lamia appeared + Fixed a bug that stopped the uncensored version of the Ambassador appearing for patrons + Fixed a bug that gave patrons benefits from higher tiers